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Keys is a world imbued with magic.  However, magic is not a publicly accepted medium. Only the "Otherworlders" choose to practice magic - as it is not widely accepted to use in public.


Magic in the world is not quite as it seems. The "magic" is actually powered by an ancient technology, found and passed down through the generations.



Keys revolves around family and the bond of loyalty throughout the generations.  Friendships within Keys are the bedrock of support and safety in a tumultuous world.



Creatures and other mythos come to life in the storytelling of Keys. Not only do they interact with each other, but with many fellow magic lovers as well.

Key Characters

Leonard Wescott:
Boy born into a family of knighthood and stature. His father was saved by the Barrows family, who provided him with protection and safe harbor during a war. Leonard lives a life of privilege in the upper courts.

Jacquelyn Barrows:
Girl born to a family of serf farmers. Is solely cared for by her Father, as her Mother passed away during her delivery. She spends much time in the fields with him and cherishes their relationship.

Edward Tanis:
Boy who was born of a serf family of bread bakers, living within the castle walls. He will visit Jacquelyn occasionally to deliver goods and foods to she and his father.  He spends his day following Leonard on his duties and adventures when not working in the shop with his family.



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